The aim of this website is to introduce you to Grumpy Ted Website Design & IT Services, why you should have a website, what sort of costs are involved, and why we think you should choose us to build your web site for you.

Fixed Price Options:

Most people like to know exactly what they will be paying when seeking a product or service and website design is no different. For this reason we have decided to offer website packages at a guaranteed, fixed price. Details here

A website is a page, or group of pages, on the World Wide Web where anyone can offer information, advice, services, entertainment, or products for sale Each screen of information is called a page, and might contain text, graphic images, photographs, sound or video.

The wonder of web pages are the “links” embedded within a page that can be clicked with your computer mouse to transport you to other pages. This interactivity allows the reader to control the information they are gathering much more tightly than traditional media can do.

The traditional news media are full of stories of how Internet Businesses are growing and failing, but one thing is certain: The Internet and E-commerce are here to stay and offers untold benefits and opportunities to companies and individuals to increase their profiles, on a National and International level.

Allow us to work with you to develop your website and you can be assured that you will be getting off to the best start possible.

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